Bullxit, and other thoughts.

Four years on from my last post, I figured it was about time to say something again – but anyone who’s got used to the silence needn’t worry, because I’ll keep it brief. I haven’t been quiet for the last four years, just verbose elsewhere, and my various witterings are linked below. The subject that’s obsessed me most of late has been Brexit, and I’ve written six posts on its ramifications for the London Review of Books blog. The most recent is now, for better or worse, a counter-factual apocalyptic narrative, because its conclusion assumed that Donald Trump might not become president of the United States. In respect of the diatribe I wrote immediately after the referendum, ‘Bullxit’, I’m especially proud of my title.

Islamic Law in Past and Present’ [book review] (Ecclesiastical Law Journal, January 2017).

Codependence Day (LRB blog, 19 October 2016).

Up the Commonwealth (LRB blog, 20 September 2016).

Wishful Thinking (LRB blog, 12 July 2016).

Friending Sarah Vine (LRB blog, 4 July 2016).

Bullxit (LRB blog, 27 June 2016).

Back to Europe (LRB blog, 22 June 2016).

Want to Understand the Appeal of ISIS? Think Like a Young Muslim Outsider’ (Guardian, 18 June 2015).

A Short Cuts piece about the UK government’s use of citizenship-stripping powers and its link with US military action against suspected terrorist targets (London Review of Books, 18 June 2015).

Koranic Derivatives’ (Literary Review, August 2014).

At the CHOGM’ – about Sri Lanka’s hosting of the Commonwealth’s biannual get-together in November 2013. (London Review of Books, 21 November 2013).

Channel 4 and Sri Lanka (LRB blog, 19 November 2013).

Sri Lanka Should Be Condemned – Not Acclaimed’ (Independent, 3 November 2013).

Sergei Magnitsky Trial: This is Putin’s Kind of Justice’ (Guardian, 12 July 2013).

The Five Techniques’ – about the torture and murder by British troops of Iraqi prisoner Baha Mousa (London Review of Books, 9 May 2013).

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